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moving journal

okies pretties~

I decided to move my journal!

why? don't have any idea xD; but I used this one for so long~ and I'll still continue using it but mostly to watch over communities~

so to those who are still alive and posting and want to keep in touch -> if you want to add me this is my new lj: saniikii

and please please just for the sake of it comment on friends post and tell me who you are ._. so many of you I can hardly remember ._. sowwy! and yes I know it's my fault because I kinda abandoned lj but but but ... I'll be better this time I promise <3 ^-^

see ya all at new lj! (hopefully <3)

kyotaro fo

friends cut


andzy_chan your last entry was 71 weeks ago o_o;;
cagedfayth last update 25 weeks ago ;O; I'll miss you! you were cool and I loved reading your entries <3

I think that's about it o_o I checked all journals, infos, your last entries and stuff~ noticed we don't have much in common anymore and we rarely or never talked. I still have few people on my list that I will probably delete but I'm not sure about it. That's why I didn't remove them for now but if things continue to be like this I'll most probably remove them too.

I don't want lots of friends; I want only friends with who I can talk to and who have things in common with me. Oh hell; it's not even necessary to have things in common. As long as we can talk everything is ok <3

If you think I shouldn't remove you from my flist then please comment and I'll think about adding you back. o(^-^)V

Take care everyone and have a good life! ^-^

iori 02

(no subject)

Mmmhmm... I finally moved my lazy ass and actually managed to make few icons. And lookie; this entry isn't locked! *gaspshocketc* Yeah anyway...

Zeh rules?

★ credit
☆ save them to your own computer
★ if you want to request icon feel free to do so <3 (piccu included would be nice)
☆ enjoy them? XD

【5】tero (vidoll)
【5】iori (phantasmagoria)
【5】lay (ex fatima)
【5】yukke (mucc)

Collapse )
kaoru [[redemption]]

(no subject)

OMFG I'm just waaaaaaaaaay too hyper right now *-*;;;; <333333333
I'm bouncing on my chair and and and and ..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need to calm down xD;;; MAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaan~

oh yes yes... I also made a new layout! *gaspshocketc* 8D;

Image hosting by Photobucket

just a temporary one till I don't make something better because I got tired of that Yomi layout *burns it* x.x;;

oooh~and another thing... so you can say how awesome my layout is and while doing that you can tell me if you still want me on your flist or not 8D *shooted* Am I making any sense? no? good 8D;;;; <333

Image hosting by Photobucket

so babies~ if you want to stay.... COMMENT! <3 there will be no exceptions <3 if you don't comment, I'm cutting you <3 lalalala~ oh yesh yesh... you have one week to comment because I'm good/stupid like that <3;;;;

love ya all

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