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//_________mirror of madness_________ is making you insane...

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『きいかあ』★ kiikaa aka. kurenai akuma. kii. croatia. september 28th 1985. libra. 173 cm. AB. pervert. bisexual. hyperactive. friendly. insane. spontaneous. affectionate. lazy. music junkie. ironic. sarcastic sometimes?. can't speak english even if my life depended on it. evil rp plotter. in love. love child of 薫 and die.
『好きです』 ★ japan. jrock & visual kei. music. yaoi. roleplay. books. manga. anime. licking. biting. red. black. violet. yellow. green. caffeine. chatting. talking. writing. camwhoring. photoshop. graphics. cigarettes. water. spider solitaire. nails. candles. NUMBERS. Die. Iori. Lee Jun Ki.
『嫌います』 ★ homophobia. racism. school. rabid fan girls. arrogance. lies. loneliness. cheating. elitist bitches.
『音楽』 ★ Dir en grey. Siva. D'espairsRay. ヴィドール. メリー. ガゼット.神楽,. 蜉蝣. 雅-miyavi. Aurora. ムック. 12012. Aliene Ma'riage. バロック. BUCK-TICK. デッドマン. Dollis Marry. Eve of destiny. Moi dix mois. Schwarz stein. ガレット. Hora. Velvet Eden. Hyde. Janne da arc. キリト. Pierrot. Kozi. Luna Sea. Madeth gray'll. Mar'derayla~. メトロノーム. Missalina rei. 陰陽座. Phantasmagoria. Plastic Tree. Oblivion Dust. Schwardix marvally. Raphael. Rice. SID. The Seeker. Vizell, Fatima, ギルガメッシュ. D. Shadow. Poitrine. Super Junior. Super Junior T. DBSK. The sisters of mercy. London after midnight. Nick Cave. Enigma. Moby. The Prodigy. Muse. Deathstars. Wednesday 13. Benny Benassi. Chemical brothers. Murderdolls. Norther. As I lay dying. A Perfect Circle. Apocalyptica. Children of Bodom. In Flames. Nine Inch Nails. Pain. Rammstein. Placebo. Amduscia. Hocico. Infected Mushroom. Combichrist. Lamb of God. Joy Division. Samael. Zeromancer. Panzer AG. Icon Of Coil. God module. Agonize. Panic! At The Disco. DBSK. Epik High. Super Junior. KAT-TUN.

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